We are a non-profit company with the sole intention of uplifting the needy through community projects and community support.

This is a company based in Johannesburg, founded by Shereen Hunter. It is ever-growing and receiving endless support from the citizens of this nation. It’s Not About Me seeks to offer relief to the needy in any and all ways possible. We are very involved in charity work and fundraising events. We’ve been involved in many donation projects and that is the type of work we’ll continue to do. Community upliftment is something that is very close to our hearts.

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To be a social catalyst across society that stirs up higher levels conscious living, increases kindness without expectation of return, and births many community movements buried in the hearts of people called across the world to serve those who are suffering or who simply need a hand up.


  1. Our mission is to simply get the job done.
  2. To help those who are not able to help themselves socially, financially and practically.
  3. To mobilise resources where ‘pure heart people’ are willing and purposed to give more and take less.


Over the past 26 years Shereen Hunter has been engaging in community projects, charity drives and connecting with like-minded people around the world, that know and understand that there is more to living than just ‘designing a life for self’.

With more than just a few community projects on the boil, and a growing network of influential business and community associates, the time has now come for 26 years of labour to bear fruit in so far as the establishment of a registered and managed single NPO banner, ‘it’s not about me’.


Our science and approach is simple, we connect the people in our local neighbourhoods with a project, and we talk to each other.

Our first port of call has been to recruit 10 women in various forms of leadership from different corners of the city of Johannesburg to represent it’s not about me locally within their given communities.

Our members are referred to as Community Ambassadors.

We have now started a series of it’s not about me workshops in which we explain how easy it is to give what you have, where you are at, in the present moment when you see a need at a very personal and individual level. We also discuss bigger community projects that the company has committed to and allow people who feel that they could meet certain needs both personally and through their own businesses to become involved.

It’s Not About Me members are also invited to engage personally or as a family in the company’s projects they are supporting by participating in community events or missions trips.

The next step will be through leadership development by asking our Community Ambassadors to engage with 10 leaders in their own community and follow the same developmental steps and in so doing breathe love and life back into closed and guarded communities, not only activating the community to serve through kindness, but directly meeting the needs within those given communities. Within the next 12-24 months we would like to roll out these projects nationally with strategic leaders in all provinces around South Africa.

Each person is registered on a database highlighting their PROMISE AND DEDICATION that is then aligned to a charity that needs that skillset.


  • We teach givers how to give, when to give, and who to give to.
  • We sensitize people to the real needs of those in their immediate spaces.
  • We equip & empower people to provide for themselves.
  • We provide windows of opportunity for those who are serious about changing their lives.
  • We provide for and protect those who cannot do so for themselves.
  • We activate individuals, families and business owners to contribute to the communities in which they live.
  • We are building international community relations and giving beyond borders.


Shereen Hunter

Founding Member

Shereen Hunter started her work in community at age 14 whilst in high school, volunteering over week-ends at Johannesburg Children’s Home, where a class friend stayed at the time. It was there that she grew to understand the needs of the children around her, many her own age, and where her compassion and empathy was cultivated for children growing up without parents. Over a period of the last 30 years she had fostered 4 children, partnered in raising 3 step children and is currently raising the only biological child she had, Chelsea Grace who she calls her “angel child”. Her love for people has taken her from project to project over 3 decades, where she has been intimately involved with NGO’s such as Strathyre Girls Home, and Christian Family Church International where she committed 4 years full-time to a community project, Women of Worth, a venture then dedicated to raising funds to build an orphanage for 1000 children. Shereen spent 10 years in tertiary education across University of the Witwatersrand, University of Cape Town, Damelin and CFC Bible School studying across a broad range of disciplines; Law, Psychology, Theology, Marketing and Brand Management in later years. Her dream is to awaken kindness in the society in which she lives, educate and activate. She believes that it is through community working in unity problems can be solved collectively. At the heart of everything she does is the hope and intent to keep families together.

Colleen McAusland


Colleen McAusland is a qualified counselor and a community police member. She also councils for the South African Police Service, with her focus on victim empowerment. She has been involved in prison ministry for 15 years in woman’s maximum, medium & awaiting trial sections in Johannesburg Prison. Above this she is also a DA Counselor for Woman in Sector 2. Colleen is passionate about helping those in need. Colleen is the Opertaions Manager for 3 Umephi Children’s homes in the Vaal Triangle.

Lana Benn


Lana Benn who is the accountant for INAM is a Registered Business Accountant of South Africa and owns L.A.B Outsourced Bookkeeping Services she has been in the accounting field for 18 years. She has extensive experience with tax compliance and has owned L.A.B Outsourced Bookkeeping since 2013. Lana is passionate about her business and helping her community she is a proud sponsor of meals on wheels and child welfare as well as INAM.